Meet Inna Stachiw, the owner of European Tailoring

Inna Stachiw of European Tailoring

The owner of European Tailoring Inna Stachiw is a former engineer who followed her passion for fashion to become a professional tailor. After completing her degree in engineering and giving birth to her daughter Inna decided to go to the school of Tailoring and Design in hopes of being able to make clothes for herself and her family. Instead, she found a a life-long passion for tailoring.

After Inna graduated from the tailoring school she started creating dresses for her friends. The word of her amazing skills and her eye for designing unique garments had spread among the fashionable Ukrainian socialites. Especially among the women struggling to find fashionable dresses that would compliment their body types.

An engineer or a tailor? Both!

In a very short period of time, Inna became a sought after tailor. Her waiting list extended for months. Because of her original degree in engineering Inna was able to put together the most complicated designs. Her skills were rarely matched by other tailoring professionals. Furthermore, Inna’s understanding of fashion trends and her impeccable taste made her into a stylist of the highest level.

For years Inna continued her engineering career and had a tailoring side business. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union Inna knew she needed to look for new opportunities. Inna immigrated to the United States in 1991. She decided to become a full time tailor. She worked as a tailor for a decade and finally opened her own tailoring shop in West Hartford Center in 2001. In no time the European Tailoring became the most popular tailoring shop in the Greater Hartford area.

Inna is a professional who is valued by her customers, because she always expresses her honest opinion, even if it means that an item a client has purchased is not worth altering or is not a good fit for that particular individual. Inna considers tailoring an art and is considered a true master of her art by her many satisfied customers.