Welcome to European Tailoring

We are happy to announce that the shop is open as of June 1st.

To follow the social distancing guidelines please:

  • call for an appointment first (860) 232-2090
  • don’t forget to wear a mask

European Tailoring is an award-winning tailoring and alterations shop located in the heart of beautiful West Hartford, Connecticut. With the tailoring expertise of the Haute Couture ateliers, elegant ambiance, and convinient parking right in front of the building – a visit to this classy tailoring shop is an absolute must.  Especially for a person who takes pride in her/his appearance, and believes in the importance of implacably fitted clothes.


Experience the magic of a perfect fit

Since the European Tailoring’s opening in 2001, the shop’s owner and head tailor Inna Stachiw has made it her mission to provide the highest quality services to all of her clients.

In turn, Mrs. Stachiw’s numerous clients which include many local celebrities, politicians, and other prominent Connecticut residents, have made European Tailoring into one of the most popular tailoring and alterations shops in the Greater Hartford area.

Mrs. Stachiw’s clients come from as far as Maine and New Jersey for her expert consultation and services.  Over the years Inna has become a sought-after tailor because her customers feel secure that she will always provide them with her honest opinion and the workmanship parallel only to the European fashion houses.

European Tailoring in West Hartford, Connecticut, the Greater Hartford area’s premier taioring and alterations shop.

Tailoring and Alteration Services

Mrs. Stachiw takes pride in her work and makes sure that her clients are always satisfied with their garment’s alterations, be it as complex as a complete remodeling of an evening gown or as simple as hemming an ordinary pair of jeans. In case you’re wondering about the latter – the answer is yes!  She can shorten your jeans and reattach the original hem!

European Tailoring Shop offers a wide variety of services that you would not find anywhere else in Connecticut. They range from complex alterations, such as perfectly tailor-fitting a Chanel suit for a client’s figure to vintage dress repairs and alterations.

Please, take a tour of our Services page to find out more about the tailoring and alterations services we provide.

Please note: We have moved. Our Shop is now located at 316 Park Rd in West Hartford, Connecticut. There’s convenient parking in front of the building.

If you would like to make an appointment with Inna please call during our business hours at 860-232-2090.